SUB 2040 ESP, musta pianolakka, titan shadow
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The SUB 2040 ESP sets new standards in its class.
Driven by a powerful 300W-Class D amplifier, the
two woofers in push-push/pull-pull array generate
an enormously expressive and crisp bass. And this
practically without cabinet vibrations that would
impair the quality of sound reproduction. The facing
arrangement of the chassis means that the mechanical
impulses that – in a conventional design –
are transmitted to the cabinet are almost completely
eliminated. In addition, the two drivers are coupled
by a massive connecting shaft.

The roomtuning circuit ensures optimal adjustment of the subwoofer to the ambient
spatial conditions. This system is universally connectible: Up to three (!) loudspeaker inputs can be used in parallel (e.g. left, right and centre), while simultaneously connecting the surround receiver’s LFE input. As a result – virtually independent of the surround receiver’s bass management settings – optimum bass reproduction is assured, whether in stereo or surround mode.

Kotelon koko 415 x 257 x 383 mm
Tilavuus 37.7 l
Paino 17.7 kg
Toimintaperiaate refleksiviritetty aktiivinen subwoofer
Bassoelementti 2 x 200 mm alumiinikartio
Alipäästösuodin 40 - 180 Hz
Taajuusvaste 25 - 240 Hz
Vahvistinteho 250 W jatkuva, 300 W hetkellinen
Tulojen herätejännite
200 mV (RCA), 2,5 V (kaiutin)
automaattinen virrankatkaisu 15 min
Ottoimpedanssi 35 kOhm (RCA), 220 Ohm (kaiutin)
Lähdöt 3 x kaiutintasoinen ylipäästösuodatettu
Tehonkulutus max 5 W valmiustilassa, 380 W max.
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