SUB 211 D, musta pianolakka, titan shadow, kirsikkaviilu, mochaviilu
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Besides representing an elegant combination of
technology and design, the SUB 211 D is a flexible
means for providing spectacular acoustic backdrops and exacting stereo sound. The heart of the SUB 211 D is a technologically advanced, high-output digital power amplifier that drives a 250 mm aluminium sandwich woofer and guarantees a high degree of efficiency and more bass output. A newly-developed concept allows the simultaneous connection of three loudspeakers and the LFE signal, which makes bass management unnecessary.

A new feature: the 3 micro-controllers, which not only
ensure smooth control of the analogue electronics but
also for the first time provide a new operating concept
which embraces a remote control, a graphic userinterface
with high-resolution display and 3-key control
on the device itself. The advantages of digital technology
are expressed in the low standby power consumption of
less than 0,5 W.

Kotelon koko 475 x 335 x 430 mm
Tilavuus 68 l
Paino 22 kg
Toimintaperiaate suljettu aktiivinen subwoofer
Bassoelementti 250 mm alumiinikartio / 300 mm passiivisäteilijä
Alipäästösuodin 40 - 180 Hz
Taajuusvaste 24 - 240 Hz
Vahvistinteho 250 W jatkuva, 300 W hetkellinen
Tulojen herätejännite
200 mV (RCA), 2,5 V (kaiutin)
automaattinen virrankatkaisu 15 min
Ottoimpedanssi 35 kOhm (RCA), 220 Ohm (kaiutin)
Lähdöt 3 x kaiutintasoinen ylipäästösuodatettu
Tehonkulutus 0.5 W valmiustilassa, 300 W max.
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