310 CE, musta pianolakka, titan shadow, kiiltovalkoinen
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The “310” is one of ELAC’s most widely acclaimed
speakers, which has received awards all over the world. Making use of the latest ELAC technologies, it has been improved even further. “CE” stands for “Crystal Edition”: the new crystal membrane technology that has created a worldwide sensation. It therefore seemed the natural next step that, in addition to the JET tweeter drives and other technological goodies, the “310” – ELAC’s highly-successful speaker – should be equipped with prize-winning crystal membrane woofer technology.

Kotelon koko 208 x 123 x 282 mm
Tilavuus 7.2 l
Paino 6.5 kg
Toimintaperiaate 2-tie, refleksi
Bassoelementti 115 mm
Refleksiputki 45 mm
Diskantti JET III
Vahvistinsuositus 50-150 W/kanava
Jakotaajuudet 3 200 Hz
Herkkyys 86 dB/2,83V/1m
Nimellisimpedanssi 4 ohm
Minimi-impedanssi 3,4 ohm @ 280 Hz
Taajuusvaste 42 - 50 000 Hz
Tehonkesto 70 W jatkuva, 90 W hetkellinen
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